Installation & Upgrade Instructions

Installing the module is a straightforward process, simply follow the steps below and feel free to contact us if you need any help.


  1. Download the module from

  2. Extract the files into your WHMCS root directory

  3. In WHMCS, go to Setup > Addon Modules and activate the module, making sure you grant access to your role.

  4. Enter your License Key and Company ID provided in your welcome email into the relevant fields.

  5. Go to Addons > Xero in WHMCS and click the link to download your public key. If a key isn't provided, follow these instructions and upload the generated private and public key to the `modules/addons/xero` folder.

  6. Log in to Xero, then visit Click Add private app, enter WHMCS as the name then upload the publickey.cer file downloaded above. 

  7. Click Save then enter the provided Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into WHMCS under Setup > Addon Modules > Xero.

  8. Now you can check your connection and enter configuration options by going to Addons > Xero > Configuration. Press Synchronise Now to check that everything is working correctly.  Please note that enabling the Contact sync option matches WHMCS contacts with Xero by  (Billing) Company Name followed by Contact Name if no Company Name is set. This will replace contact data in Xero - please do not archive WHMCS linked contacts!

  9. See this article for help with linking WHMCS payments to Xero.


Upgrading to a new release is a simple as extracting the new version's files into your WHMCS root directory, allowing all files to be replaced.


Please ensure that when using a web server other than Apache, you replicate the restrictions in the `modules/addons/xero/.htaccess` file.

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